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October 2017 Contest: Respond with a guess on how much I will save this trip.

I previously tweeted the amount I saved purchasing my base passes for this trip.

Over the course of this trip I will be publishing a daily video journal on the BudgetEars YouTube Channel going over how much I saved each day over the course of the trip which goes from October 27, 2017 to November 5, 2017.

Guesses are due on Twitter by 11:59:59 PM on October 31st. Respond to the tweet linked to in this post with your guess. The closest without going over will win a $10 Disney Gift card. However, if I get up to 1000 followers on Twitter and 500 subscribers on YouTube I will up the prize to a $50 Disney Gift Card.

Respond to the following tweet with your guess. If everyone happens to go over, the closest overall tweet will win. If there is a tie, the first person to guess that amount will win.

How Much Money I saved at Disney Today: 2015 Food and Wine Festival Day 1

This is the first in a series of videos I will be creating how I utilize the tips and tricks that I have learned over the years to save me the most money possible at Disney World. You too can use my tips and tricks to become a “Budgetear”.

Tips in this video include:
Using the Target Red Card to buy Disney gift cards.
Getting a discount by being an AP holder.
Getting the Tables in Wonderland card.